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Eye Makeup

Discover the world of eyeshadow with our diverse range of classic tones or opt for a daring shot of color that reflects your mood and personality. Our eyeshadows are formulated for easy application and long-lasting wear, ensuring that your eye makeup remains vibrant throughout the day or night.

Elevate your eye game with our eyeliner collection, offering precision and versatility for crafting the perfect lines, wings, and shapes. Whether you're aiming for a timeless cat-eye or a bold graphic look, Maybelline has the liners that deliver.

Achieving the perfect brow look has never been easier with our brow products, designed to help you create custom brow looks that frame your face beautifully. From pencils to pomades, we offer options to suit your brow goals, whether they're bold and defined or soft and natural.

Finish off your eye makeup with our mascara collection, designed to enhance your lashes and make them the center of attention. From volumizing to lengthening, our mascaras provide the finishing touch that completes your eye look with stunning impact.