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Discover the ideal foundation tailored for those with oily to normal skin in Maybelline's extensive matte foundation collection. Our specially formulated foundations offer a matte finish that goes beyond merely controlling shine and minimizing visible pores – they also ensure your skin stays beautifully hydrated for a fresh-faced look that endures throughout the day. Bid farewell to the pesky concerns of excess oiliness, enlarged pores, and makeup that seems to vanish as the day goes on. Our matte foundations are expertly designed to not only provide impeccable coverage but also to create a smooth, balanced canvas for your makeup application. They effectively even out your skin tone and texture, concealing imperfections, redness, and uneven areas with ease. Choose from our wide array of shades to find your perfect match, guaranteeing a seamless and natural look. Whether you prefer the ease of liquid foundation, the versatility of powder foundation, or the convenience of stick foundation, Maybelline has precisely what your makeup routine requires. Our matte foundations grant you the confidence to face your day knowing your skin will stay flawless and comfortable, free from any undesirable shine or makeup mishaps. Embrace the transformative power of our matte foundation collection and revel in the allure of a matte complexion that lasts, allowing you to confront your day with poise and a complexion that remains shine-free and flawless.