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Here's how you get bold, lifted, dramatic eyelashes with Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara. Ready to make an entrance.

  1. D

    Start with a fresh sweep of shadow

    Sweep on Blushed Nudes creating a gradient effect - start with the lightest and most shimmery in the inner corner, a mid-tone in the center and a deeper, richer shade at the outer corner and crease. Repeat these steps at the bottom of your eyes.

  2. D

    Create a cat-eye

    Glide Hypersharp Wing eyeliner's 0.01mm tip along your lashline. Start from the inner to outer corner and extend the line up to the tail of your brow to create a cat-eye wing. Fill up the gaps with Hypersharp Wing eyeliner's 2mm tip with just a flick of your wrist!

  3. D

    Push it up!

    Start at the base of your lashes, apply mascara generously out to the tips. Apply a second coat, if desired, to the outer corner to play up your flirty cat-eye liner and gradient eyeshadow.

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    Get your pout on

    Finish with a bold swipe of Vivid Matte Lipstick in 'Scarlet Red'.

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